How to create a new Tiger Trail Classic Tour with the Travity Tool


  1. Login
  2. Start with an empty page
  3. Use a base template
  4. Remove or add TT Styles eg. Ribbon, Redline or special Headers 
  5. Why clean your tour text bevor inserting


Login to the right page with SSL use and login width the right user account

Start with an empty page

New Travel - Button

  1. Go to the Travels Menu, open it up and click the "New Travel" Button
  2. A new page opens up and u have to insert the travel name and choose an travel agent (mostly yourself)
  3. Choose the right name from the beginning: "Country / Region / City: Category - Title of the Tour" 
  4. Use the dubblepoint : to separate the Places and Category and the minus(short dash) - to separate from the rest of the tourname
  5. Why? Because we use : and - to split teh Title in three parts to use ist on the Website on different places. 
  6. If you have to use a dash in the Country oder Category, use the long dash – (Mac alt-minus) eg. Luang Prabang – Nong Khiaw
  7. Press "Submist"-Button and the tour will be created

New Travel - Form

Use a base template

Now that teh tour has been created, it git the internal number and is ready to be filled with the data. After filling Description and Rock Bottom Price Fields we com down to the Content Editor. 

  1. Clean it up by removing all text in the editor, the easies way is to click into the editor, mark all with CTRL-A or CMD-A and then press space bar
  2. Now the Editor is empty and we could load a standard template for the Classic Tours
  3. in the Editor Menu there is a Button (2. row 13. button) named (Insert Prediefined Template Content) klick and it opens the Template Window in front
  4. Choose the Template to work with (TT EN - Classic Tours ...) 
  5. After the Template is loaded, press instert and the template is put into the Editor Window.
  6. Now you can start filling its with all the Informations

Template Window

  1. Now that u can start filling the textpassages, be carful about how you insert the text. 
  2. Typing text ist the cleanest way to do it, but often the text is already there and ready or copy paste.
  3. So if you copy paste a text please be sure that the text is only PLAIN TEXT, no formatings from Word or Html or from PDFs should be copy pasted into the editor.
  4. Best is to open the Windows plain text editor (notpad) and copy all text into that editor first, it cleans all formats
  5. Second you could you the "Copy as Plain Text" Option from the Menu (Row 1 Button 10)
  6. DO NOT DELETE ANY TEXT oder DOTS before the paste, always paste by putting the cursor inside a word or a line where you wanne paste the text (..|.) and then paste it, because so you will keep the formating of the template. If you delete a line you maybe delete the template formattings.
  7. It might happen, stay calm! We use easy formatting rules

Remove or add TT Styles eg. Ribbon, Redline or special Headers 

TT Template for travels only uses ONLY Pragraph and Heading 3 on most of the tour descriptions, so ist not so complicated!

  1. Every normal text is a "Paragraph" so whenever you are not sure, mark all text the looks suspicious and choose "Paragraph" from the dropdown box (2-3), after that clean the paragraph with the "Remove Formattings" Button (2. Row, last 2 Buttons)
  2. If the Text ist clean you can check the paragraphs by pressing "Show/hide Block elements" Button (1. row, 4. from right)
  3. If you need to make an Headline 3 just choose "Headline 3" from Dropdown box!
  4. If you need a "red colored Day" headline, ist easy only make it a "Headline 3" and mark the first part that shall be red as "ITALIC" it will show up italic in the editor but red on the Website.
  5. If you need to create a Service Headline because you deletet it accidently, the use the Template we createt for that, just place the curser in a new line, choose "TT EN - Services Only" from the Templates List and insert it.
  6. Ribbon and Redlines are not uses in the Editor with the Travels, because all Headlines Level 1 and 2 are created outside the Itinerary automatically

Why clean your tour text bevor inserting

  1. Word, PDF, HTML and other Editors, insert their own formattings into the texts, this could lead to distorting layouts on the TT website. The best use case is using Text only editors like Notepad and copy all texts with the Plain Text Option checked!
  2. The HTML Code for the TT Travels should be very clean, to achieve that you have to be careful about what u copy paste into the editor. 
  3. Sometimes, Texts are crazy HARD broken an their ends, this to fix is much word. If u are not shure the Text is clean use following buttons to check the pragraphs:
    1. Show Visual Control Charakters (R1,17) - you will see gray blcok, that are hard spaces, and muss be removed
    2. Show Block Elements (R1, 17) - you see paragraphs and headline, and can check where to pres enter or delete to create more or less paragraphs
    3. HTML (R1,18) - Advanced Users - HTML editor 
    4. Clean Formattings / Clean up Messy Code (R2, last 2 )


  1. Check the Visibility Box and Save the Tour!
  2. Go to and Update the Travel Overview to show the new Tour 


  1. on Mac u can use CTRL-CMD-2 for Headline 2 pressit again it will convert back to Paragraph, same with CTRL-CMD-3 for Headline 3
  2. CTRL-CMD-i will make ist ITALIC and CTRL-CMD-b will make it BOLD
  3. there is a certain Combination also for Windows and it might not work in all Borwsers
  4. COPY PASTE can be done by pressing CTRL or CMD-C(opy) or V (